Australians Exposed

Published on: Author: regmorrison

      A photographic journey from birth to death in Australia during

      the crucial years 1960 –1973.

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    This was a time when our species began to switch from explosive population growth to fertility decline, bringing an end to 200,000 years of unprecedented evolutionary success.

  • Although undetectable at the time, that underlying evolutionary transition now assumes gigantic significance as our species heads towards population collapse.

  • Australians Exposed offers a unique ‘snap-shot’ of this historic moment in time—historic,
    not merely in the life of our nation, but in the life of our species.

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 Many of these pictures were gathered during Reg’s years as a newspaper photographer, first for The West Australian, and then for The Independent in Perth. He completed the book in Sydney while working as photographer and picture editor for the Paul Hamlyn book publishing group. Most of these images have recently been incorporated in a digital book entitled In Black and White now available as a PDF .