Enigma code

Published on: Author: regmorrison

Morality, Free will, Culture, Religion and Sexuality (a few unmentionable facts)

our lives are essentially fiction based. We read fiction novels and prefer to watch fictional dramas on stage and screen; we readily believe advertising and political propaganda, and most people place implicit faith in some form of religious, economic or political creed. So culture serves as humanity’s Disneyland, a gaudy fantasy world that is specifically designed to keep us ignorant of the fact that it is our genes that call the shots, not our cortical neurones. As a byproduct of genetic evolution, all life is energy dependent and rigidly bound by the laws of thermodynamics. Consequently, species that harvest either too little or too much energy risk summary execution via the normal processes of Darwinian selection. Our species is no exception. Thanks to our extraordinary talent for technology we harvest vastly more energy per-capita than any other animal of our size. And given our global population and our current per capita rate of resource consumption, we now need three times more surface area than this small and very finite planet possesses. In short, our species is now grossly unsustainable and we are asset-stripping this cosmic Camelot in order to maintain our artificially inflated standard of living. To put it bluntly, we are on the edge of energy bankruptcy and evolutionary decline: perhaps even extinction.

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