Iceage derailed

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The trigger on Evolution's extinction gun is made of carbon-dioxide (CO2). The silent bullet is made of methane (CH4)

The trigger on Evolution’s extinction gun is made of carbon-dioxide (CO2). The silent bullet is made of methane (CH4)

As the data for the last 400 years in the top level graph indicates, there is usually a strong correlation between between sunspots (solar storms) and the global climate. However, as the evidence now shows the past 20 – 30 years the correlation has changed dramatically. The reason for this change is two important man made variables.

As the graphs indicate, during the past 20 years the Sun has suddenly gone quiet and the regular cycles of solar storms (sunspots) have all died away. If the trend for the past several hundred years had been followed the earth should have entered a cooling period potentially a a minor ice age here on Earth but it has not. For example in a period of cold like ‘Dalton Minimum’ 220 years ago (1800), someone walked a circus elephant across the frozen Thames River near Blackfriars Bridge in central London.

But now look carefully at the lower graph …..

During the last 50 years, population growth and increasing technology have combined to load Earth’s atmosphere with a surge in carbon dioxide (green dots) and methane (red dots).

Indeed, the atmospheric levels of these two carbon-loaded greenhouse gases (CO2 & CH4) have recently climbed at the same time and roughly the same rate as the global temperature (GTI).


The current surge in heat and aridity is NOT just a consequence of “Drought”.
Human activity has heated the whole planet by about 1°C, and in the process has derailed an incipient ice age.
In other words, Australia’s apparent “Drought” is in fact, the new “NORMAL”.