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A one-eyed view

Published on: Author: regmorrison

“If ‘Art’ is the only label that fits a picture of mine, then as a photographer, I have utterly failed.” A brief historical overview of photography, the most wonderful form of graphic communication that our species ever devised. Download the full article as a pdf

Fingerprints of the Cosmos—Chaos and its Fractals

Published on: Author: regmorrison

All thermodynamic entropy is inherently chaotic and fractal and is determined by repetitive feedback (iteration) within kinetic energy gradients. Fractal patterns have been recognised as a primary characteristic of the natural world for at least 2,500 years (see Heraclitus quote, p.2). Nevertheless, such patterns were not explored in much detail until the early 1960’s when,… Continue reading

Australians Exposed

Published on: Author: regmorrison

      A photographic journey from birth to death in Australia during       the crucial years 1960 –1973. This was a time when our species began to switch from explosive population growth to fertility decline, bringing an end to 200,000 years of unprecedented evolutionary success. Although undetectable at the time, that underlying… Continue reading