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Australia’s 4-Billion-Year Diary

Published on: Author: regmorrison

Australia is the time capsule of the planet. No other continent has so faithfully preserved the early milestones in Earth’s geological and biological evolution. The story embedded in its rocks and in the genes of its modern plants and animals recounts most of the seminal events that shaped the Earth’s present biosphere and its opulent… Continue reading

The Diary of ‘YOU’ – “Four billion years of human evolution”

Published on: Author: regmorrison

As a by-product of genetic evolution, the birth of our species is inextricably linked to the evolution of the planets biosphere and its dazzling biota. The Diary of You unfolds this sequence of biological mile-stones as a uniquely personal narrative. The 4.6 billion-year life of the planet has also been matched here against a one-year… Continue reading

Australians Exposed

Published on: Author: regmorrison

      A photographic journey from birth to death in Australia during       the crucial years 1960 –1973. This was a time when our species began to switch from explosive population growth to fertility decline, bringing an end to 200,000 years of unprecedented evolutionary success. Although undetectable at the time, that underlying… Continue reading

Australia, Land Beyond Time

Published on: Author: regmorrison

Australia is the Earth’s time capsule. The evolutionary milestones embedded in its rocks and in the genes of its modern plants and animals form an unparalleled archive that extends over 98% of the planet’s existenc Lavishly illustrated with more than 300 of the author’s photographs, this pictorial biography of the Australian continent outlines 4.4 billion-years… Continue reading

The Great Australian Wilderness

Published on: Author: regmorrison

A pictorial exploration of wild Australia from four aspects: its mountains, its waterways, its deserts and forests. The brief chapter introductions and extended picture captions offer a rare insight into why this ancient continent is unique among the world’s landmasses, and why its plants and animals have much to tell us about the mechanics and… Continue reading

Plague Species – The Spirit in the Gene

Published on: Author: regmorrison

“Our timebomb is mysticism. Its delivery system is language. And its hiding place? The unfathomable coils of our DNA.” (The Spirit in the Gene, 1999) With the aid of photographs, diagrams and graphs Reg Morrison summarises the massive impact that humans have had on our planet and explores the evolutionary and genetic origins of the behaviour… Continue reading